PFPS/Patella Femoral Pain Syndrome AKA Runners Knee

Do you get pain at your knee, right at or under the patella (knee cap) itself?

This pain is usually worse after you run especially on uneven surfaces or perform exercises that stress your quads. Well this pain is inflammation occurring under the patella and due to weak and tight muscles at the quads, glutes and hip flexors.

It is important to understand that the cause of the pain is not always found at the site of the pain. Investigating the joints above and below the site of pain can give you a much better picture of whats happening. The reason you may be experiencing this pain may be due to your feet, either flat or high arched feet, reduced ankle range of motion or even muscle imbalances up higher in the glutes and hip flexor.

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Pelvis Reset Exercise

So to follow up on the last blog post about SI joint pain here is a short video with an exercise that may be able to help relieve some of the pain you are feeling in your low back. Please note that this exercise should be used as well as your foam rolling and massage ball work.


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SI Joint Pain - What is it and Why Does It Hurt?

Alright so you might have been told the reason for your low back pain is your sacroiliac or SI joints. These joints which only move a few degrees transfer a lot of the forces from your upper body through your pelvis and into your legs.

A hyper mobile SI joint can give you low back pain because the joint is moving way more than what it should be and there just isn't enough support from the surrounding ligaments and muscles to help out. On the other hand if you have a hypo mobile SI joint it isn't moving enough and relying on surrounding muscles and joints to do the work.

What can cause the joints to become dysfunctional? Some causes are listed below. If you can can relate to some of the following they may be contributing to your low back pain.

1. Recent pregnancy.

2. Sitting with your legs crossed over each other.

3. Standing or long periods of time with your weight on one side more than the other.

4. Sitting with your wallet in your back pocket.

Now that we know what the issue is and some reasons why it is there how do we sort it out?

There are a few phases, first we have to get you out of pain, then restore the normal range of motion in the SI joint and surrounding structures with the use of chiropractic manipulations and mobilizations. Then continue to prevent a future re-occurrence of the pain and dysfunction by supplementing the treatment with exercises to build strength and stability to correct the dysfunction.

Look out for next weeks blog that will feature Dr Jono talking more about the SI joints and some exercises that may help you.

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Happy Easter From The Team at Chirogenex.

Here are 10 travel tips from the Chiropractors Association of Australia to make your trip home from your Easter family getaway more enjoyable:

1. Take regular stretch breaks at least every one to two hours.

2. When sitting, use back support, such as a small, rolled towel. Alternate behind the back and then between the shoulders.

3. Put your seat upright and ensure your tailbone is as far back into the seat as it can be, with shoulders and head supported as much as possible by the seat.

4. When flying, avoid the window seat, sit on the aisle where possible. It will be easier to regularly stretch and walk during the flight.

5. Be careful lifting and carrying luggage. Bend with your knees, not your back. Retrieving baggage off the carousel can be particularly risky, often involving rapid twisting.

6. When sleeping in a strange bed, sleep on your back or side as much as possible; avoid sleeping on your stomach.

7. Compensate for dips in the mattress by placing a small, soft towel under your side.

8. If the bed is ‘saggy’, consider putting the mattress on the floor.

9. Use a ceiling fan instead of air-conditioning, where possible, to avoid cold blasts of air on your neck or back.

10. Do the Straighten Up Australia exercise program once a day, while brushing your teeth.

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With a week as hot as we have just had in Perth it is important we are all consuming enough water on a daily basis. Having enough water will help your body with digestion, body temperature regulation, cellular function, structure and reactions as well as keeping your back strong and pliable. We all know our body is made up of approx 70% water but did you know your inter-vertebral discs of your spine are approx 80% water?

While it is important for you to consume water it is just as important to retain as much water as possible during these hot times. We need to actively replace nutrients in our diet especially on hot days where high temperatures cause us to loose nutrients such as electrolytes. If we are consuming a lot of water we may not have a good balance of electrolytes.

Now don’t run out and buy bright colored sugary sports drinks with loads of calories, artificial colors and flavors instead you can opt for coconut water. This stuff tastes great and is a natural source of electrolytes (generally more than the sports drinks) as well as being packed with loads of Potassium.

So if you are outside during the summer months or intensely working out in the gym, drinking plenty of water and need a drink with a load of benefits give coconut water a go and let us know what you think.

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