Choose The Appointment Type That Best Suits Your Needs

1. Complimentary Muscle and Joint Assessment:

If you are not sure if Chiropractic is for you, this is a quick 10 min appointment to assess and discuss your condition with the Chiro. (Assessment excludes images and treatment).

Approx 10 minutes.

2. First Appointment:

If you have never been to the clinic before this is the appointment to choose, please ensure you are 10 min early to the appointment for paperwork to be completed prior to appointment time.

Approx 30-45 minutes depending on complexity of case.

3. Standard Appointment:

If you have been to the clinic before and require a general appointment time choose this option.

Approx 15-20 minutes.

4. Kinesio and Athletic Tape Application Only

If you are a patient at the clinic and require kinesio or athletic tape to applied.

Approx 10 minutes.